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1245 Harwood

Motorized shades with Control 4 Automation system. Sheerweave 270 P12 Oyster, SolarVeil 2901 White and Dusk Extra blackout White. Flex motorized on curved windows.

Vancouver, British Columbia

1555 West 8th

Manual shades with SolarVeil Shadecloth 2319 SilverBirch and Mecho5 Hardware

Vancouver, British Columbia

5555 Dunbar

Manual shades with SolarVeil 2307 Greystone shade cloth and Flex CL-F Hardware

Vancouver, British Columbia

Alvin Hamilton Building

Manual Mecho 5 system in EcoVeil shadecloth, the first 3% cradle to cradle certified product in North America.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Barona Beach Resort

Automated and manual shades throughout the resort.

Kelowna, British Columbia

BC Hydro Head Office

Manual and Motorized shades with SolarVeil 2313 Grey and Equinox 0106 Dusk. Mecho 5/Electro 2 Double shades for Hardware.

Vancouver, British Columbia

BCIT Downtown Campus

Manual shades with ThermoVeil 1520 Shadow Grey and Mecho5/Electro 2 Hardware

Vancouver, British Columbia

Blueshore Finanacial Headquarters

Manual shades with SolarVeil shadecloth.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Bonsor Recreation Centre

Manual shades with ThermoVeil 1501 White and Equinox 0105 Dusk. Mecho 5 Doubleshade Hardware

Burnaby, British Columbia

Brandt Tractor

Large automated ElectroShade system with IQMLC controls.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede – Big 4 Building

Automated Multibanded Electro 2 system with side channels, & Thermoveil shadecloth, serving as a room divider. - completed 2010

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Municipal Building

Manual Mecho 5 system ThermoVeil shade cloths.

Calgary, Alberta