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Alvin Hamilton Building

Manual Mecho 5 system in EcoVeil shadecloth, the first 3% cradle to cradle certified product in North America.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Barona Beach Resort

Automated and manual shades throughout the resort.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Blueshore Finanacial Headquarters

Manual shades with SolarVeil shadecloth.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Brandt Tractor

Large automated ElectroShade system with IQMLC controls.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede – Big 4 Building

Automated Multibanded Electro 2 system with side channels, & Thermoveil shadecloth, serving as a room divider. - completed 2010

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Municipal Building

Manual Mecho 5 system ThermoVeil shade cloths.

Calgary, Alberta

Chimo Aquatic Centre

Large automated ElectroShades with ThermoVeil shadecloth. - typical shadespan 123”w x 188”h - Completed 2011.

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Clinton Elementary School

Mecho 5 & UrbanShade systems in ThermoVeil and blackout shadecloths. - completed 2011

Clinton, British Columbia

Coast Hotel & Convention Centre

Large automated Electro 2 shade system in foyer and manual Mecho 5 systems throughout.

Langley, British Columbia

Copper Point Resort

Automated Electroshade throughout the resort integrated with lighting. Blackout fabric throughout.

Invermere, British Columbia

Coquitlam Public Library

Mecho 5 manual & Suburban 2 Systems in ThermoVeil shadecoth - completed 2009

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Crystal Gardens Conservatory

Fixed shade system, with Thermoveil shadecloth, covering a glass roof. - completed 2005

Victoria, British Columbia

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