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Chimo Aquatic Centre

Large automated ElectroShades with ThermoVeil shadecloth. - typical shadespan 123”w x 188”h - Completed 2011.

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Churchill Townhomes

Manual shades with SolarVeil 2301 White and Flex CL-F/Tech CL-F Hardware

Vancouver, British Columbia

Clinton Elementary School

Mecho 5 & UrbanShade systems in ThermoVeil and blackout shadecloths. - completed 2011

Clinton, British Columbia

Coast Hotel & Convention Centre

Large automated Electro 2 shade system in foyer and manual Mecho 5 systems throughout.

Langley, British Columbia

Copper Point Resort

Automated Electroshade throughout the resort integrated with lighting. Blackout fabric throughout.

Invermere, British Columbia

Coquitlam Public Library

Mecho 5 manual & Suburban 2 Systems in ThermoVeil shadecoth - completed 2009

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Crosstown Elementary

Manual shades with SolarVeil 2301 in White. Flex CL-F Hardware

Vancouver, British Columbia

Crystal Gardens Conservatory

Fixed shade system, with Thermoveil shadecloth, covering a glass roof. - completed 2005

Victoria, British Columbia

Delta Courthouse

Manual shades with ThermoVeil 1319 Silver Birch and Urbanshade hardware.

Delta, British Columbia

East Fraser Lands Experience Centre

Large Electro 2 automated and Mecho 5 manual system with custom side channels in ThermoVeil shadecloth - Completed 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia

Eastpark - Quebec & Main

Manual shades with SolarVeil 2510 White and Flex CL-F Hardware.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy North Campus

Automated Electro 2, Mecho 5 manual & the DoubleShade systems, with Thermoveil and SolarVeil shadecloths

Edmonton, Alberta