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Escala at Brentwood

Manual shades with SolarVeil 2501 White and Dusk Xtra Blackout in white. Flex CL-F/Tech CL-F Hardware.

Burnaby, British Columbia

Farm Credit Canada

Automated multi-banded Double Shades with room darkening channels - completed 2008

Regina, Saskatchewan

Fire Prevention Centre

Multibanded shades, automated skylight shades and manual shades

Kamloops, British Columbia

Fort McMurray Airport

Motorized shades with Solartrac automated system. ThermoVeil 1003 Grey fabric and Electro 1 Hardware.

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Glen Elementary School

Mecho 5 manual system in ThermmoVeil shadecloth - completed 2009

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Gorge Road Hospital

Manual Mecho 5 system with ThermoVeil shadecloth - Completed 2010

Victoria, British Columbia

Grandview Woodlands Health Centre

Mecho 5 manual system with ThermoVeil shadecloth - Completed 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia

Greater Edmonton Foundation

Manual Mecho 5 shades system with ThermoVeil shadecloth. In multiple locations; Beverley Lodge, Beverley Place and Kiwanis. - Completed 2008

Edmonton, Alberta

Haven Hill Retirement Centre

Mecho 5 manual shades with blackouts and solar shading - Completed 2007

Penticton, British Columbia

Henry Anderson Elementary School

Manual Mecho 5 shades with SolarVeil shadecloth

Richmond, British Columbia

International Village Elementary School

Elementary school located in the heart of Vancouver FlexCL manual shades with SolarVeil shadecloth. 60 shades typical shade span of 50". Completed in 2017

Vancouver, British Columbia

Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre

Large Electro 2 tapered automated shadebands in Foyer with ThermoVeil shadecloth

Surrey, British Columbia